Your Wardrobe - How to Add Color

Your Wardrobe - How to Add Color

How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

Color.  For some of us, this word is incredibly scary - especially when it comes to what we wear.  Let’s face it, a wardrobe filled with clothing in black, white, gray, and beige is comfortable and safe. At times it is beautiful and sophisticated, but day after day, week after week it can also become boring.

Spice Up Your Wardrobe

If your closet is a palette of neutrals, it may be time to spice it up. Ever wonder how to add color to your wardrobe?  Here are three suggestions that can help you add a bit of excitement to the way you dress.

Start with Accessories

When you are not used to a lot of colors, sometimes baby steps are best.  Kind of like when you want to go swimming, but the pool water is cold.  So you start off by just dipping in your big toe.  Integrating colored accessories into your wardrobe is just like putting your toe in the water.  Consider a bright bag, pair of earrings, or even a belt for a splash of color.  There are so many wonderful accessories available today.  This is an easy way to try color without making a tremendous commitment.  

Take it Slow

When your closet is filled with neutrals, even a small change can make a big difference.  Consider a blue dress or a mauvy pink dress- you don’t have to go bright right away.  You will be surprised at how different even navy blue can be!

Mix and Match

Integrating color doesn’t mean wearing every color of the rainbow at once.  Pick….top or bottom.  If you chose a top, then select a neutral bottom from your closet and purchase a colored top to complement it.  Let’s say your pants are white - consider a t-shirt in a color you love to go with it. One piece at a time seems like a more manageable change.

The best thing about adding color to your wardrobe is the ability to do it at a speed with which you are comfortable. You can control the process.  Try something and see if you like it.  There are so many choices available today.

If you have focused on neutrals, you will be surprised at how a little bit of color can brighten your mood and make a piece you had in your closet feel brand new.  Have fun shopping for some exciting additions to your wardrobe and enjoy how vibrant they make you feel.  Trust us, color really isn’t as scary as it may seem!

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