Homecoming Dresses Guide: How to Pick the Perfect Style for Your Big Night

Homecoming Dresses Guide: How to Pick the Perfect Style for Your Big Night

Homecoming Dress Guide: Picking the Perfect Dress

The homecoming dance is one of the highlights of high school. The opportunity to get dressed up, take pictures with friends, and celebrate together is incredibly special. And,  homecoming dress shopping is almost as much fun as the event itself!

Of course, you want to buy the perfect dress. Something unique that makes you look and feel as beautiful as you are. Below we have shared 5 things you can do to help you pick the best dress for your homecoming dance.

  1. Block Time: Make sure you have enough time set aside to shop. You want to be relaxed, not rushed. And, you want to be able to try on all of the dresses that catch your eye. Homecoming dress shopping is not something you do when you have spare 30 minutes between appointments.
  2. Wear Appropriate Undergarments: It’s amazing how much what you wear under your dress can matter. While you may not have exactly what you need, you should make good choices based on what you have.  You shouldn’t dress shop in your sports bra!
  3. Consider Styles: When you shop you are going to be met with a host of options - and in the end will have to make some decisions.  Do you want a long gown or a shorter dress?  Are you looking for beading and sequins or something more streamlined and understated? Do you like patterns or solids? And, how much skin are you comfortable showing?  Finally, does your school have a dress code to which you must adhere?
  4. Set a Budget: Think about how much you want to spend before you go into the store. This way, you can let salespeople know your budget and you won’t fall in love with something you simply cannot afford.
  5. Be Flexible: This advice is sometimes the hardest to take. So many girls have an image in their mind; straying from it seems virtually impossible.  That said, being willing to try on a variety of gowns of different styles is so important.  Who knows, you may fall in love with something you never considered. 

The bottom line is that homecoming dress shopping should be fun, an experience you will always remember. You may want to take some time and look in magazines or online to get an idea of what is available before you go while remembering to always keep an open mind.

So, set some time aside and plan a day to shop.  Most of all have fun! Your homecoming should be a night to remember - and the perfect dress can make it just that!

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